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An Einstein brain was never needed to figure out how to flow the music industry forward. All you have to do is tune in -- as an artist, you want to make a living doing music and as a music-lover you want to listen. It really is as simple as that!

Well, almost.

As a music-lover, you want to be able to listen to whatever -- whenever -- wherever you are without taking up your precious media storage space or needing to hire an organizer to keep track of it -- oh, and can you listen free?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Welcome to Ever Music™ where music-lovers can listen FREE to Whatever-Whenever-Wherever Music™ and artists get paid like Oprah and Diocles!

We are both -- artists and music-lovers -- just trying to get what we want, realizing we can all get what we want best together. We are currently in our beta version with a running waiting list. We invite artists and music-lovers all over the world to join us.

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