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Blues Music History


Mississippi Delta ShackjpgOur composer/producer Sherese Timeless maintains that the origins of what we call the Blues in America really began 10,000 years ago or more — and the where will suprise you!  (We’re anxiously awaiting the book she’s fervently working on — the suspense is killing us!  Stay tuned!)

Until then, we’ll trace the Blues in America.

The history of the Blues in America began as soon as Africans set foot on dry land in 1619, brought as slaves to work the plantations.  It was specifically Africans from areas of Northern Islamic Africa that brought the intact “sorrow songs,” as they were called, facing a life that inspired many more. 

Bossa Nova Music


Brazil Araras in a row“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

Sometimes, you have to get quiet to hear…

Such is the story of Bossa Nova and it’s originator, Bahian Joao Gilberto.  You’d never guess he started out with the goal to be the best Frank Sinatra-style singer in Brazil.

Destiny had a different calling for Gilberto, and he landed on many a gracious friend’s couch before hearing it.

Brazilian Music

Brazil gauchos rio grandeBrazilian music speaks to my soul like no other music I’ve heard on the planet — so much so I’ve often said the stork got lost and I was supposed to be born in Brazil!

It feels like it belongs in those places inside of me that fill with joy when I’m out in nature, or when I see a child smile at discovering a bug, or when I just wake up another day with the sun on my face.

It also feels like it belongs in those places inside of me filled with love, yearning and even a sorrow that feels like “well, I tried, but hey, I’m still alive” instead of a bottomless pit. It just feels like my favorite celebration of life!


Celtic Lyrics

The lyrics to any given traditional Celtic melody could vary on any given day.  In early American music, you see the same thing.  Melodies were “recycled” over and over to different lyrics.  After the late 19th century and copyrighting, you don’t see this as much anymore.

To find Eres' original lyrics click on each song.

Celtic History


Celtic NeedfireWe must look deep into the needfire to find the origin of the Celts, for before they were Celts, they sat around an ancient communal fire in the Steppes of Central Asia with their kin, ancestors of most modern Europeans, the Persians, and the East-Indians.  They were the first to tame horses, they all shared a language (Proto Indo-European), a culture and a religion alive with gods in every tree, rock and song.

Beginning around 1500 BC, there came a time for a separating of ways among the ancient kin.  Were those that became the Celts the musicians in the group?  Possibly.  But the divine in song was in everyone’s throat, and there is ample proof in the ancient songs that remain to be heard from especially the Persians, East-Indians, Scandinavians, Spanish, and Slavs.  Most of the rest of Europe decided to put on airs, and put away these ancient songs in favor of turning music into mathematical written notes & harmonies in a much narrower scale.

The Slavs stayed in the Steppes, spreading out to the East, keeping their ancient communal fire glowing, the Persians and

Celtic Mythology


Celtic glendaloughWhile we tend to associate fairies, leprechauns and elves with the Celts, versions of these and the rest of Celtic mythology can be found throughout the ancient kin of the Celts — ancestors of most modern Europeans, the Persians and the East-Indians.   We’ve just heard more about the Celtic version, thanks in no small part to the spread of Celtic songs round the world.