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Why Ever Music™?


We tuned-in!  We know as a Music Lover you're tired of trying to get enough hard-drive and wall space to store all of your music, and you're really tired of trying to organize it so you can quickly and easily listen to what you want.  You're tired of trying to deal with your digital downloads and your CDs -- can you just buy CDs when you want to listen to the really high quality sound of your absolute faves chilling in your home theater? Then can you have access to music you don't have to manage when you want to explore or you're on the go?  You're tired of loading music here and there, trying to be able to listen to what you want wherever you are. We know you get that Artists need to make money to keep making music.  We know you would love to listen to way more music than you can afford to buy -- and store, and organize and transfer and....Enough!  We know you want to be able to listen to Whatever-Whenever-Wherever Music and you want to be able to listen free. you go!


1. Do I have to create an account to listen?


No, listen all you want!  If you'd like to join Ever Music's™ community, create your own personal playlists to save & share, rate, review and comment, then you will need to create an account.  We'd love to have you as part of our community, hear your playlists and Artists love to be rewarded with your positive feedback!


2. Is listening to the music on Ever Music™ really free?


Yes.  It is really free.  Sponsors support the Artists' music content, and instead of making pennies, if anything, at other places online, Artists receive 100% of sponsor dollars from their Artist Sponsorships.  Ever Music™ "keeps the lights on" with House Channel Sponsorships.  So support Ever Music™ sponsors with the money you save!  Invite your friends and invite your favorite brands to sponsor the music.


3. How can I search?


In so many ways!  Ever Music™ is really hoping you will explore all of the Artists here.  If you decide to join our community, your Music Lover Guide details all of the search capabilities.  If you like being a guest instead, the Home page contains all of the following search functions:


    1) Main Menu - Playlists, Music Charts, Latest Songs, Search Albums, Search Songs           

    2) Featured Albums

    3) Alphabet Bar

    4) Album Search Bar

    5) Song Search Bar

    6) Top Viewed Songs

    7) New Songs

    8) Top Viewed Artists

    9) Top Rated Artists

  10) Current Artists

  11) Featured Artists

  12) Bottom Menu - Search Songs


We're not yet the "shiny home theater" experience we eventually aspire to be, but we're at least prettier than Facebook's original blue box, right?!  Now look what's happening at Facebook!  Come listen, spread the word, and we'll all get there!


4. Why was my review/comment deleted?


It may be a fluke or it may be that it was negative.  If it was negative, it was deleted because we are a community of Music Lovers -- not critics.  The Golden Rule is in play on Ever Music™.  Use your review and comment privileges to reward the Artists you love in order to keep your privileges and keep your account.  If you don't like a particular song, move along to one you do like.  Silence speaks volumes.  If you see a review or comment that doesn't follow these guidelines, contact us.







Why Ever Music™. 

Because there is no better way to engage your target audience then by speaking the universal language of music.  Because you can speak to the world or just to a niche of Jazz Music Lovers.  Because you are the Hero at Ever Music™ -- which is priceless.  Ever Music™ is showcasing the music of Eliyora Entertainment™.


We know you have been as confused as everyone else about where and how to get your message in front of Music Lovers.  Streaming online music sites are popping up like dandelions in spring, and it is very hard to see a settling down in sight.  There are sites that have made agreements with major record labels, sites that are paying royalties, sites that are only paying "signed" Artists while they make millions in your advertising dollars off of "unsigned" Artists without paying them a dime.  And, of course, there are sites just flat-out stealing Artists' music and either selling it as downloads or making your advertising dollars on it, claiming Artists' music should be free for the world to use however they wish. Whatever flavor of music site you can imagine is out there in the online landscape. 

But where can you make sure your hard-earned brand reputation is enhanced rather than threatened and sponsor dollars are actually being paid 100% directly to the Artists you choose to sponsor?  Ever Music™ -- only Ever Music™.  Do you think that fact is going to attract the Music Lovers of the world? 

Come be the hero of Artists and Music Lovers worldwide.  Directly with Artists, you can create your own Artist Channel Content and/or Event Sponsorships however you wish and you can also purchase automated Artist Sponsorships through  Ever Music™ with 100% of your dollars going directly to the Artists.


1. Do Artists really receive 100% of Artist Sponsorships?


    Yes they do.  You purchase an Artist Sponsorship designating an Artist name as the sponsorship keyword, and that Artist receives 100% of that Artist Sponsorship revenue.  Your included sponsor banners then appear on that Artist's Channel, and throughout Ever Music™ wherever that Artist's name is listed in the page meta-tags -- on their album and song pages, for instance.


2. How does Ever Music™ "keep the lights on?"


By offering House Channel Sponsorships, which include general search pages, to name a few.  We hope you will support both the House Channel and the Artist Channels!


3. How are automated Artist Sponsorships priced?


Since each Artist can provide you more visibility and engagement with their audience the more music they upload, pricing is based on the amount of an Artist's music, 1 single to 1 album, for instance.  It's all designed to encourage Artists to make more music so we have more, and more, and more to listen to -- ingenious, huh?!


4. Are there more options beyond the automated sponsorships?


We're so glad you asked!  Ever Music™ is designed to be a springboard for you and Artists to create personalized sponsorships to meet your marketing objectives, encompassing Artist Channel content and live events.  Contact each Artist directly and get creative.  Ever Music™ will also offer personalized House Channel sponsorships coming soon!


5. What is the cancellation policy with the automated sponsorships?


Since we've automated the process and put the wheel in your hands to set your own course, cancellations become moot.  Confirmed orders are non-refundable.  As soon as an order is confirmed, sponsorship delivery is automatically activated and runs until the end date.  Consult the Sponsor Agreement for all of the nitty gritty.  You can review it in "Legal."


If you haven't found your question answered here, Contact Us!

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