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How To Create Your Own Playlist:

You must first create a Music Lover account in order to save your Playlist, and enjoy your rate, review and comment privileges (review your Music Lover Guide under your Login on the right for additional information and terms of service).  

Once you've registered, login to your new Music Lover account and create your own Playlist in 3 easy steps!

1)Search for the songs you want and click the "Add" iconAdd to current playlist next to each song youwish to include in your playlist.

2) Click on "My Playlists" from the top menu.

3)At the far right side of the "On the Go" playlist, click the "Save" icon Consolidate to save your playlist, then click the "Set Playlist As Current"Set playlist as current icon to load your new playlist into the pop-out player.

Invite your friends, listen and enjoy!

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