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Morning Moon (Single)

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Released January 2012
Channel Jazz
Medium Audio
Added on Thursday, 05 January 2012
Genre Mainstream Jazz
Length 6:27
Edition date January 2012
Country USA
Label Eliyora Entertainment™
Moods Dreamy


New Artist Sere™ brings you jazz music -- sensual, sassy and sizzling --  with  "Morning Moon," composed and produced especially for her by Eliyora Entertainment's™ Sherese Timeless™.  Sere's vocals were recorded LIVE by One Take Studios™ using their Zero-Edit Recording™ -- so you know she's keeping it real.

W-W-W-Music™ Exclusive!  Sere's music is only found here at W-W-W-Music!

Eliyora Entertainment™LLC.  © 2011 Paradunai™LLC.  All international rights reserved.  All trademarks property of Paradunai™LLC.  All personas, concepts and original songs created and performed by Sherese Chrétien.

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