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Wake You Inside


words and music

by Sherese Timeless™



I tiptoe in

and slip under

your covers

starting at your feet

finding my way with kisses

all the way up to your mouth

waking you up soft


touching your skin

I hear thunder

in your moan

feeling goosebumps rise

they follow my fingers

all the way down to your thighs

waking you up warm



touch soft

touch soft

love's electricity

reach up

reach up

it's life's old mystery

eyes begin

to open up slightly

pools of warm desire

sleepy smile

ember fire


pressing me in

sheets asunder

grasping tight

still between dream worlds

you hold onto me like a prize

bury my face in soft twirls

waking you inside


© Paradunai LLC

all international rights reserved

all trademarks property of Paradunai LLC

all personas, concepts and original songs

created and performed

by Sherese Chrétien


Sherese Timeless™

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A W-W-W-Music™ Exclusive Song "Wake You Inside."  New Female R&B Artist Sech™ brings you soul music featuring her "Groove Music for LifeMates" for while you and your lifemate are getting into, uh, yes, THAT groove with original songs composed and produced especially for her by Eliyora Entertainment's™ Sherese Timeless™.  Sech's vocals were recorded LIVE by One Take Studios™ using their Zero-Edit Recording™ -- so you know she's keeping it real!

W-W-W-Music™ Exclusive!  Sech's music can only be found here at W-W-W-Music™.

Eliyora Entertainment™LLC.  © 2011 Paradunai™LLC.  All international rights reserved.  All trademarks property of Paradunai™LLC.  All personas, concepts and original songs created and performed by Sherese Chrétien.



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