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Can't Run From The Blues 



words and music 

by Sherese Timeless™



My shoes kicked up dust

I can't trust you 

I'm gone 

leave me alone

New Orleans

selling pralines

sun lit her bun

black to blue



I sat down in rust

on the street bench

tried to

capture her French

then she hollered

"fix your collar

hon' you can't run

from the blues"



It's a sad affair

when your love turns to loss

you gotta know

That it's always true

love was worth the toss



I felt hot disgust

she just smiled

brown eyes

warming the place

"it's a pickle

heart's are fickle

hon' you can't run

from the blues"



© 2009 Paradunai™ LLC

All international rights reserved.

All trademarks property of Paradunai™ LLC.

All personas and original songs 

created and performed 

by Sherese Chrétien 


Sherese Timeless™

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A W-W-W-Music™ Exclusive Song "Can't Run From the Blues."   New Female Blues Artist Rhet™ brings you blues music with original songs composed and produced especially for her by Eliyora Entertainment's™ Sherese Timeless™.  Rhet''s vocals were recorded LIVE by One Take Studios™ using their Zero-Edit Recording™ -- so you know she's keeping it real!

W-W-W-Music™ Exclusive!  Rhet's music can only be found here at W-W-W-Music™.

Eliyora Entertainment™LLC.  © 2011 Paradunai™LLC.  All international rights reserved.  All trademarks property of Paradunai™LLC.  All personas, concepts and original songs created and performed by Sherese Chrétien.

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