Invite your favorite brands to join the party at W-W-W-Music™ -- Whatever--Whenever--Wherever Music™ -- so you can listen for FREE!

You spend money with your favorite brands, let them know they can reach you with their message here AND sponsor your favorite artists' music content at the same time!

Here's a sample invitation you can copy and paste, then email it to your favorite brands:


Hi [brand name],

Just want to let you know I spend money on your brand and I spend a lot of time at W-W-W-Music™ -- Whatever--Whenever-Wherever Music™.  

Come be the hero of the W-W-W-Music™ party!  You can sponsor my favorite artists' music content -- they receive 100% of your sponsor dollars, you get your brand message out to music-lovers like me, AND I get to listen FREE!  It's a win-win-win!  Check it out at W-W-W-Music™!

Hey, maybe you can also hire W-W-W-Music™ artists for your ads and even sponsor their concerts, too!


[your name]


If you don't have your favorite brand's contact information, try this link:

Facebook - Discover Page

There!  Simple!

Fun making your money talk, isn't it!


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